Wine Console Table Customize Construction

Stylish Hand Crafted Wine Table Furniture

Wine console table – A small wine cooler is ideal for keeping a few bottles of wine cold and ready to drink. This displaces the refrigerator and makes reading the wine labels difficult. Build a table wine to fit inside the small refrigerator to allow the bottles to lie flat. Wine Storage horizontally extends the life of the wine by keeping the cork in contact with the liquid. Measure the inside dimensions of the refrigerator with a tape measure.

Measure the width, height, and depth and write the dimensions below. Cut four 1-by-1 pieces of wood equal to the height set with a saw. Cut six 1-to-1 pieces of wood equal to the width of fewer than 2 inches. Place two legs on a level wine storage table surface and arrange three of the width pieces between the legs. Secure the wooden parts in place with wood screws and an electric screwdriver. Build another piece exactly like the front.

Connect the front and rear pieces by joining the depth pieces on the sides. Sand the table came down with sandpaper to get rid of any rough area. Staining the console table with storage came with a tincture of wood color. The finished table wine will fit inside the small wine cooler and have three shelves you can use to place the wine bottles in.

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