Where To Place Recliner Arm Chairs Living Room

Wooden Arm Chair

A reclining arm chairs living room can be a practical addition to a study or relaxing, where a lot of rest and napping occurs. A reclining chair can be both a chair and a place to be totally down, building more space in other parts of furniture. Before ordering a recliner in a room, examine the elements of the living room arrangement and the space required for a fully-open recliner.

Make sure that the chair is accessed from the door of the room where you want to place it. Interior doors extend from 30 to 36 inches wide, while recliners are typically at least 36 inches wide. Measure both the door and the recliner before trying to put it in a room, to make sure it will fit. Next, place the recliner in the space designated for it. This can be complicated due to the typical circumference of a recliner. Make sure the chair does not overwhelm the room where you will place it.

A recliner is intended to recline completely. This suggests that it takes a lot of space behind the chair so you can lay down as far back as you understand it. Make sure that a coffee table or a corner of the bed will not prevent the extension of the footrest of the recliner. Some recliners need only about 6 inches of extra space, while others need more than a foot behind them to adapt. The same goes for the front, with some need less than a foot of space, while others need more than 2 feet.

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