What Is A Swivel Accent Chair?

Swivel Chairs Ikea

A swivel accent chair, often used in offices, is a piece of furniture that makes use of a single central leg and a rotating seat, allowing the seated person to easily convert from one direction to another.

The office swivel seat is one of the most popular kinds of swivel chairs. Often, you have wheels at the bottom – so it’s mobile to easily move around a room – and can be seen in cubicles, home offices, and conference rooms. Another type of swivel chair is the reclining swivel chair. This chair, which is commonly found in a living room at home or study, is an armchair with a reclining backrest that also has a swivel seat. Most of the reclining swivel chairs also have fungible footrests. Some reclining swivel chairs have seats that rotate 180 degrees. The other seats rotate 360 degrees.

The swivel chair performs it easier to deal with different elements of a room from the same chair. It is particularly useful to turn from the computer to the guest seat in an office. According to the October 2008 article The Gregory LeFever in Early American Life, Thomas Jefferson invented the first revolving chair or less at the same time he signed the Declaration of Independence. The chair was a modified version of the Windsor writing chair but had a swivel seat.

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