Very Distinctive Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Custom Reclaimed Wood Console Table

The reclaimed wood console table in the hall on this photo is simple, but has something special. Maybe you do not see it right away, but if you look closely, you will see that the legs are connected. The chassis actually consists of two closed rectangular shapes, with the bottom being narrower than the top. That gives the table that little bit extra, but it still has a serene look. Because it is a narrow model, the table will fit well in many hallways.

Under the sheet is a storage compartment that has a large surface area and where you can easily lose all kinds of things. All in one, it must have been thought of by the Belgian Studio Plan B, who made this beautiful design. The whole consists of a low table with a clever storage compartment, for example for shoes, and a coat rack.

The space on top of the table, which is empty on the photo, could be used for a vase with flowers or a stack of mail, but if you have children, they can also tie their shoelaces sitting here. Special design! This is possibly the most striking item from our list of storage tables in the hall. You must love it, because this table has a very distinctive style thanks to the combination of materials.

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