To Dress A Wicker Arm Chair

Rattan Peacock Chair

Wicker arm chair – The first thing to consider before proceeding with the purchase of fabrics to cover the wicker armchair is the following: the wicker armchairs should never be completely covered. Even if you choose a particularly beautiful fabric, covering the chair in its entirety, you will no longer be able to enjoy the beautiful effect that gives the wicker to your home. That said, here are some tips that stand out instead of eliminating the aesthetic appearance of the wicker.

To make a rattan chair last as long as possible, you can proceed with its covering, but limited only to the sessions. It will be enough, in fact, to get the bearings made to measure to guarantee the whole seat to be protected and to realize the covering according to your tastes. Generally the bearings are sold together with the sofa. In the event that the bearings are worn out or you no longer have them, here’s how to proceed.

Take the measurements of the vintage wicker chair seat, or make a paper template to be delivered to the store where you will buy the foam pad, as big as the shape and about 5/7 cm high. Once you’ve got the pillows, you can finally choose the fabric you like best and proceed with the upholstery. To do this you can make the pillowcases with your own hands. Or you can choose to have it done by a seamstress if you are not able or you don’t have the time.

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