Tips To Repair White Office Chair

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White office chair to maximize office productivity, but their moving parts are often prone to mechanical problems. Many of these problems stem from a faulty gas cylinder, the unit that allows the seat to adjust to different heights. Gas bottles are not easy to repair, but they are easy to replace. Some tools and mechanical skills are required.


Place the chair horizontally on a work surface. Remove the wheeled base of the chair by loosening the clips the wheeled base to the column in the chair. Some white office chair bases are attached with metal nuts and bolts instead of clips. In this case, use a wrench to loosen and remove the nuts. Screw the screws y hand. Inspect the inside of the chair column to ensure that no other than the gas bottle chair parts are broken. If metal nuts, rubber pads or other chair parts are worn, replace them with gas cylinder.

Install the pipe pliers on the gas container. Turn and pull the pipe pliers to remove the gas bottle. Most office chair cylinders are cone-fit rather than screw in, so the cylinder will come loose when it is turned in all directions. Insert the tapered end of the new gas bottle into the chair column. Some gas bottles have a “release button” that causes the taper to expand when inserted into the chair column. Other cones must be rotated by hand until they are in the column. Replace the base of the chair with the column. Test the newly inserted gas cylinder to be sure that the chair height is now adjustable, and that the chair maintains its new height when pressure is applied to the seat.

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