The Vegetable Drawer Fridges

Same Whirlpool Undercounter Refrigerator

Drawer Fridges – Vegetable drawers in the fridge never use. The white plastic was as bright as it had been, almost thirty years ago. Unless you open a drawer, you won’t know. There are food effects from meat, jam and jelly, mayo, and who knows what’s in the fridge, and so on. The kitchen is also dirty. It seemed to spread throughout the house from there, not messy food, but the chaos was unbearable for the unhealthy darkness of his cruel life.

Some people assume that his father has been sexually abused. His brother should have left their second home graduating from high school. They rarely, if ever, return to visit. But for Claire, what happened was the opposite. He never left his childhood home. He used the man to curse him as a confirmation for himself, and it began with his father. With the relationship between his parents, Claire’s father channeled his love, aggression, disappointment, and desire for his daughter. Claire liked her attention; he needs attention. He can’t leave.

He would make Freudian psychoanalysts very happy if he claimed to need psychological help. The need to be a desirable and spoiled daughter is reinforced by a husband who, like his father, does everything to buy it and give him whatever he wants. But that is not enough. He will suspend credit card debt and free up his bank account to buy other items – jewelry, shoes, clothing, clothing – which he will only hide in large part to maintain the confidentiality of the matter.

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