Striking And Beautiful Modern Console Table With Drawer

Corner Console Table Drawer

A narrow modern console table with drawer can be the thing that completes an entrance gate or the missing piece in a bedroom and with so many striking and beautiful designs to choose from today, it would be difficult to resist the temptation. Lapiaz is a console table with a strong sculptural presence. It has a unique design reminiscent of innovation stone. The table structure is made of mahogany. But there is no indication of it on the outside.

The base is solid and divided into two sections with a hollow core that reveals a polish brass surface that contrasts with the stainless steel finish use for the rest of the table surface. We are still in sculptural design and we are now focusing on the Newton console table. A piece inspired by the dining table with the same name.

This exclusive furniture has a design that seems to challenge gravity. Making it look futuristic and eye-catching. The table is made of aluminum balls, most with either white or black paint and some gold-plated. The top is made of hemisphere with the same characteristics. For the small places that are too narrow to accommodate a chest of drawers, closet or table. The solution is a narrow console table.

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