Special Rectangle Dining Table Shape

Long Rectangle Dining Table Wood

Dining area in the living room or kitchen, separate room … The dining room can occupy the space in many ways. And this piece requires special care in terms of layout: where to create the rectangle dining table in a small space? And in a kitchen? Which type of table to choose? How to make this space a place of sharing? Our advice to arrange your dining room and give it back to life. Whether open to the kitchen, communicating with the living room or isolated, the dining room is to decorate and decorate with care

The main quality of the dining room or the dining area is to be practical every day. Between the dining room and the kitchen, plan an easy path for the many comings and goings. Similarly, do not neglect the perimeter needed for chairs to allow everyone to be comfortable. The space around the table is also important for good circulation.

According to the desires and the arrangement of the rooms, the dining room can be opened on the kitchen . Opening the space allows greater fluidity and gives access to the kitchen. Before making your choice, lay out the disadvantages and advantages of each configuration. If it is trendy, the open kitchen is not suitable for all.

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