Popular Dining Chair Sets Of 6

6 Chairs Dining Color

The mix & match look for the dining chair sets of 6 is extremely popular. Not surprising, because a mix of colors and designs at the table gives your dining area a special twist and can also save a lot of money. Because instead of buying a complete set of chairs, you can collect chairs here and there with different colors, styles, materials and designs. With the mix & match look you can of course go in many directions and to help you on your way we give some styling ideas for inspiration, enjoy!

By choosing the same type of chair, you maintain continuity in your interior and still give a twist to the dining table with different colors. For example, choose a lovely atmosphere with soft pastel shades or bright, bright colors for a cheerful, playful look. Do you have two favorite colors or materials and do they actually go very well together?

Then of course you can simply alternate the chairs in those colors for a cheerful mix and match at the table. The wooden chairs above give a warm atmosphere, while the light blue metal chairs provide a fresh break at the dining table. Different types of chairs give an interesting twist to the dining table, but because of the same color, the chairs still form a unit. A random mishmash of different types and colors of chairs for an eclectic look!

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