Outdoor Walnut Dining Table Ideas

Dining Table Sets Ideas

Outdoor walnut dining table is useful for barbecues and other outdoor family events. Cedar is a soft wood that is easy to work with, has a pleasant natural smell and is durable enough for outdoor use. Lay two 28-inch boards flat and parallel. Space them 23 inches away. Screw a 30-inch board perpendicular to the 28-inch plates so that the 30 inch edge is flush with the ends of the 4 by 4 boards. Screw the last table 30 inches for the other two tables 28 inches in the same way. The tables of 2 by 6 will provide support to the surface of the table.

Support both sets of 4 by 4 inch boards in an upright position so the 30-inch boards are parallel and 27 inches apart. Screw your 36-inch boards perpendicular to the 30-inch edges of the 2 by 6-inch boards. 36-inch boards should be parallel and spaced one inch apart.

Screw one of your 2 by 8-inch boards to the 4 by 4-inch boards, so the 36-inch edge is flush with the surface of the table. Screw the last board 2 by 8 inches on the opposite side in the same way. Apply the stain to your project and let it dry according to the instructions.

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