Media Console Table Comes In A Number Of Styles

Media Console Cabinet

To lend to something is to assist with the control of the truth. The media console table, a long, flat topped storage unit that has existed since the 19th century was used for such a purpose. Prior to eating a meal, a king, gentleman or other member of the nobility would have a taste of eating the food. The purpose of the taster was to determine whether the food was poisoned or to check the authenticity of the food that had been placed on top of the media console.

We have adopted the Italian version of the word credibility, media console, to describe this piece of furniture that once held food to the taster. The media console comes in a number of styles, from the extremely ornate to the ordinary and the practical. As expected, styles have changed throughout history.

Early media console s owned by the wealthy boast intricate woodwork, with elaborating wood post design. As the modern furniture period slipped in the 20th century. The style produced was simple, with straight lines and no intricacies. Media console can have drawers, cabinets or both, and is made from a wide range of wood. Depending on style and manufacturer. Some of the modern pieces are made of plastic.

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