Interesting And Rich Console Table With Storage

Black Console Storage

Console table with storage – The history of the console table is interesting and rich. It was believed that the origin of this piece of furniture lies in the French and Italian furniture design. Large console tables were a must-have in aristocratic mansions and palaces in the late 17th century and during the 18th century. They had theatrical designs with intricately carved details and delicate gilding.

Originally, console tables had a crescent-shaped top on two legs and were fixed to walls using S-brackets called consoles. That gives us an idea of ​​the name we have become accustomed to. By the brackets the original console tables could look like they were detached pieces. There are still a few such designs, even today. However, most modern console tables are no longer dependent on brackets and can fully support themselves.

When they were first introduced, console tables were mainly decorative pieces of furniture. They really did not have any functionality linked to their designs. Over time, they gradually became more practical while retaining their decorative characteristics. Console tables started later with four legs instead of just two. This allowed them to rest against a wall or the back of a sofa without braces or extra support. They also evolved to be both useful and decorative.

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