Innovative Model Of Interior Side Chairs With Arms

Corner Side Chairs With Arms

Side chairs with arms usually have four feet, but the innovative chair models seem to bypass, in many cases, the laws of gravity. Their origins date back to ancient Egypt, at the time the chairs were built of ebony, ivory or gild wood and determine the social status of a person, his rank in society. It was in the 16th century that chairs took on the meaning we know them today.

In recent decades, they have changed the design of our traditional chairs; new materials and designs have taken over the classic chairs. The first model that we present to you is call with Midori. Born in Scandinavian style, this chair is built with ash wood. Functional, simple, comfortable and welcoming, are the adjectives that could be attribute to him. As always, you can choose from a range of different colors.

Continue in the Scandinavian style , but offering a different design! It is indeed Branca’s turn . With only three legs, it is the very concept of the chair that is question. The author has found inspiration in nature, it is very simple to notice as the support on the back of the chair is tree-shape. A perfect model for home or business use. Responding to the name of Kaluza and part of a limited edition, only 25 copies of this chair are available. A folded steel sheet shapes this original model with bold lines. Kaluza combines design and comfort, while being an exceptional chair model.

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