Ideas To Build Garage Storage Racks

Awesome Garage Storage Racks Ideas

Garage storage racks – Apart from maybe the basement, there is no area of ​​a house more likely to be stacked with garbage than the garage. Because the garage is expected to keep the family cars, in addition, it can do for some serious mess. Here’s a way to build a high-strength wall unit shelving that will help you form something similar to the organization in your garage.

Find a good wall for the storage rack. The 4s 2 above are merely for a 4 by 4 storage rack. In order to build a larger rack, more wood will be required. The best way to make sure that your storage rack is going to be long is to have a part of it attached to the wall, preferably by means of screws. That means open wall space.

Build your framework. Start by cutting your 2 by 4, so that you can make three rectangles of the same size. Many times, the width and depth of your storage rack will depend on the area in which you are working and what works best in that space. Just make sure all three of your rectangles are screwed or nailed together and are the same size. Set four of your 2 by 4 by 8 to the outside of the three rectangles. The rectangles will become your unit’s stabilizers, as well as support for your shelves.

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