Ideas Of Metal Drawer Cabinet

Rustic Metal Drawer Organizer

A furniture or cabinet can look completely different with different drawer draws. Convert your metal drawer cabinet draws with decorative painting techniques. Use old drawer draws or buy new ones to create unique, innovative designs that aren’t anywhere else. When you buy new drawer pulls, buy some extra as exercise pieces.


Remove the old hardware. Look to see how many holes are in furniture. If you replace the drawer pulls, you will need to buy hardware that fits into these holes perfectly. Otherwise, fill the holes with wooden putty; allow it to dry and sand. Drill new holes for where your new moves will be placed. Paint a solid basecoat on your drawer cabinet with latex paint. Use a sea sponge, brush or foam brush to cover the entire drawer with color. Let it dry. When it’s dry, look at the play and make sure you’ve covered the entire drawer pull. Add a second layer for extra durability and protection.

Decorate drawer draws with different color techniques. Mushrooms on a second, opposite color, or use metallic lacquer. Stamp motif on drawer draws with a solid surface. Used items were found at home, such as small bubble wrap, uncut pens or cotton swabs, to stamp different types of circles designs. Hand painting letters or words on the drawer draws, or painting different sections of each drawer draws a different color. Polyurethane protects the paint from chipping and makes it easy to clean. Add multiple layers for extra durability.

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