Ideal Garage Overhead Storage

Car Garage Overhead

Garage overhead storage – The ceiling is ideal for storing ladders, ladders and longer, light objects. Make sure they are secure. You probably do not want a child, a friend or your girlfriend to receive the ladder on the head, unless… The ceiling is also ideal for storing Christmas, Halloween or summer decorations. There are systems consisting of rails and sliding bins that will make your job easier.

If you want a corner to tinker in your garage, you will need a workbench. Installing it on the side of the garage is usually a very bad idea. It will hurt you to open the doors of your vehicle. You should preferably install it on the wall facing the front door. Its height depends on your size and what you want to do on it. One thing: if you have a vice, your elbow must reach the height of its jaws.

Provide a solid workbench, at least 60 cm wide that will occupy part of the wall and shelves or drawers to store your power tools. Above your workbench, install a ¼-inch holed masonite board (it’s stronger). This will allow you to hang your hand tools, some screw packs or less used nails. But remember to put the tools used in place, for a small garage.

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