How To Install Oven Drawer

Ornament Frigidaire Oven Drawer

Oven drawer allow a box to slide in and out smoothly and without greater resistance. If you have boxes in pieces of older furniture then these boxes may not have drawer slips attached, and you probably have noticed how much harder the boxes are to open than the boxes in new furniture that comes with the attached slider. Whether you install the drawer slides on a box for the first time or simply replace old and worn drawer slides, follow the instructions below to read how.

You need:

Remove the old oven drawer if there are any. If there are any staples, you can use a slotted screwdriver to remove them. Determine how the drawer slides will line up for installation for both the inner cabinet and the sides of the drawer box. The box manufacturers glide will have them clearly marked for the left and right sides a swell as which end goes toward the front of the box. Make sure the slide is level before securing it back and forth with 1/4-inch screws.

Repeat the previous step on the other side to slide the page’s drawer slider. Line up the front of the slide for the drawer sliding in place while inserting the screws on the front and back of the rail. Drop the wheels on the back of the box drawer in the rails in the cabinet and lower the drawer until it is flat. Roll the box the rest of the way into Make sure the drawer rolls all the way in and out easily and will be completely closed at rest.

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