How To Decorate The Rustic Console Table

Rustic Wooden Console Table

Usually located at the entrance, the rustic console table often serves as a catch-all for keys, mail and anything else that comes and goes regularly. Consoles, however, can also make design focal points strong, whether in the lobby, the living room, a bedroom or an upstairs hallway. The standard console is long and narrow, but you can creatively reuse other pieces, such as a low sideboard if you have a large area. While a minimalist could keep the console as bare as possible, the table offers a way to display small collections and add visual interest to space.

Think about how your console is used. Because they are long and narrow, most consoles are used as a place to put one or two lamps to bring soft light into space. Consider the aesthetics of your space design. Use the console as a way to reflect and magnify both. Or turn up the volume in the general atmosphere of your home.

Make the table of the focal point of the room through art. Consider centering a large mirror or piece of art above the table. Choose to go symmetrical or asymmetric in the arrangement of objects and works of art. The symmetrical design is equally distributed between the two sides. Also large vase of flowers in the center and a large mirror centered on the wall flanked by two small images, for example.

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