How To Build Narrow Console Table

Wood Console Table

A narrow console table is located behind a sofa. The long and narrow table is relatively simple to build, especially if a simple design is made with the legs stretched and without much adornment. Stain the table to match the rest of your furniture. If you are using the table between the sofa and the wall, you can leave it without stains.

Cut the 2-by-4-inch boards into four 30-inch long items mistreatment the sawing machine or hand saw. Cut the boards two by one in. into 2 long items of nine inches long and 2 items of thirty-six inches. Drill four 1/2-inch deep holes through time, each narrow side 36 inches long, 2 by 1-inch board. Make 2 1/2-inch deep holes on every short facet of the long tables of thirty-six inches and nine inches. Space the holes 1 inch apart, 1/2 inch at the top and bottom edges. Drill a 1/2-inch deep hole within the prime center of every leg of the table.

Measure two inches faraway from the short ends of the plate by fifteen by two inches, that is that the surface of the table. Drill three holes on each side of the surface of the table, between the marks that made 2 inches on. Shield the ends of the 1-inch dowels with wood glue and push into the holes in the surface of the table. Place the legs of the table on the bottom of the table surface, between the 9-inch and 36-inch boards at each corner. Stain the console table if you wish using a foam brush. Paint in one direction so there are no streaks. Let the stain dry for a day or two before placing the console behind the sofa.

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