Hanging Garage Storage Ideas

Original Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas

A popular hanging garage storage option is adjustable shelf. Sometimes called railing shelves, these shelves are mounted on rails attached to the walls of your garage. Removable shelves can be moved up or down and can be customized for specific areas in your garage. Generally made of steel, adjustable shelves are strong — it can hold heavy equipment, supplies and even car engines. Most adjustable shelves are covered by a plastic coating to make it resistant to rust.

General Cabinet Sizes

The height of the mounting garage depends on the size of the cabinet. If the cabinet has standard dimensions of 12 inches deep and about 30 inches tall, the 96-inch installation height is correct. A higher cabinet may require a higher mounting height, if the bottom of the cabinet disturbs your car parking space. The width of a garage cabinet falls between 15 inches for single doors and 48 inches for multiple doors.

Mounting Garage Cabinet

Wooden garage cabinets must be securely mounted so that they do not come loose and fall down and cause a risk of damage to your car or items in your garage. Locate the wooden beams that extend across the garage, if applicable. If you have finished walls, use a wall rule to locate the studs in the wall. Use these building rules and beams to mount your cabinets, as they provide strength to the cabinet, which means it, can hold more weight. Simply attach it to the wall without wall joints increasing the chances of broken walls and ruined cabinets, as they can sit off.

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