Great Ideas Distressed Dining Table

Barn Distressed Dining Table

For something more simple and modern, distressed dining table with a rustic finish and some high chairs with gray upholstery would look great in a room with black accent walls, gray curtains and a pair of mood wall lamps that complement a stylish chandelier. It is intimate and elegant, but without being very conspicuous. This very elegant dining room was built around the turquoise platforms.

This shows that you can come up with a complete decor for a room even when your inspiration is small and all it has to offer is color and perhaps even texture. To supplement the dinner plate, a number of turquoise accent pieces were also selected, such as lamps, curtains and the sink. Then there was a complementary color: silver.

Colors like white and blue can be very refreshing and beautiful, but they are cold colors, so they are not the best choice if you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the dining room. For that you can redirect to colors such as brown, beige, yellow or red. In our picture example, we have a very comfortable dining room. To complement this picture, a glamorous chandelier was chosen to hang over the table.

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