Good Small Garage Storage Ideas

Custom Garage Ceiling Storage Small

If you choose to build small garage storage ideas, a little bit of grease will work but give good results. But first, take a good look at the items you want to place on shelves. Large, bulky items require wider and longer shelving. Small items should be placed inside baskets, silos and containers to avoid losing these items. Have a plan before trying to build shelves or install pre-made shelving so your finished product fits your needs.

Consider using cabinets for house chemicals or paints to keep them out of reach of small hands. Locking cabinets are great for securing power tools and other expensive workshop equipment. Pegboard provides a wealth of options for stock options for the goods hard to the store. Lawn equipment is strangely shaped, and many elements such as shovels, picks and weeds eat require hooks to get them out of the sidewalks.

Installing pegboard and purchasing varying size hooks allows you the freedom to hang your strangely shaped elements of the road on a wall. You can also put pegboard on the wall areas behind your shelves to add hanging storage. Easy installation allows you to keep everything out of place near the ceiling. Be sure to install the brackets and supports in the beams to accommodate the weight of the items you store.

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