Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas Store Miscellaneous Items

Garage Ceiling Storage Wood

Garage ceiling storage ideas include shelves made of different materials and sizes to suit the needs of your garage. When using your garage to store a large number of miscellaneous items for home and outdoor. Consider investing in a few cabinet shelves. The pieces are similar to traditional bookcases, but the function doors on the outside. Close doors to keep objects hidden and out of the way.

Opt for locking cabinets if you have small children. And store tools or chemicals that you want to keep out of reach. Heavy-duty plastic enclosures are strong enough to handle heavier tools and outdoor pieces. Make use of the higher parts of the garage. And the ceiling with hanging shelves. If you have pegboard in the garage, choose hanging shelves that work with pegboard.

The feature shelves curved metal pieces that fit into the holes in the pegboard. And keep the shelf securely in place. Hanging shelves suspended from the ceiling are better suited for bicycles and other major things. Wall hanging shelves keep garden tools and other types of outdoor equipment. Wall-mounted shelves are a suitable choice for garages because the shelves are mounted directly on the wall or against the wall. The shelves are arranged against the wall, with the back of the shelves flush against the wall.

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