Find Eames Dining Chair At The Best Price

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The eames dining chair! Certainly the most iconic furniture design of the twentieth environments th century. But how to choose among its many models? And above all, where to buy it at the best price? Beyond the question of choosing the shop that will offer the cheapest Eames chair, the real question is: what kind of Eames chair would you like to buy? In this article, I help you understand the difference between expensive 100% original chairs, semi-original chairs, re-edited chairs and very affordable copies.

There are four main types of Eames chairs. The 100% original chair with shell, base, shock mounts and vintage screws, this is the vintage model. The semi-original chair with vintage shell and new base, The chair reissued by Vitra in Europe and Herman Miller or Modernica in the USA. And finally the copy which is unofficial reproduction, a counterfeit.

To know the year of a vintage Eames chair, it is necessary to refer to the label present under the shell. All hulls are easy to date between 1954 and 1972, those found are generally from 60 to 70. In France they were distributed by Mobilier International who affixed its logo. The hulls of the 50s are easily differentiated, the design is slightly different and the fiber thickness is much larger.

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