Diy Under Counter Drawer Guide

About Under Counter Drawer

How to build under counter drawer? Measure the space for the counter. Remember that the piece should extend over the cabinets. Add the projection you want from both sides of the bar; for the seating area, the projection is usually 12 inches (30 cm). There should also be at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) of projection on the other side of the counter. Take your measurements to a lumberyard or a store of construction materials and have them cut a piece of wood of the desired size.

Paint with your favorite color of dye using a sponge brush. You only need to dye the top and sides of the counter. Even if you prefer a natural look, it is advisable to dye the wood to highlight its grain. Clean any excess dye and let the surface dry for the time suggested by the manufacturer. Finish the wood with either a sealer suitable for food or with mineral oil, using a brush.

A sealer is ideal if the bar will only be used to serve food. If you plan to use it to prepare meals, mineral oil is better. Place the table in its position and secure it to the counter with the L-brackets placed on the inside of the cabinets. If the protrusion of the wood is larger than 12 inches (30 cm), you should also consider using a table leg at each end for more support.

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