Decorate Mirrored Console Table For Hallway

Narrow Mirrored Console Table

Mirrored console table come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of spaces. For example, a console that put behind a sofa table or at the end of a bed. The use of a console in a hallway is a way to add a beautiful accent to an area of the house that is functional at the same time. There are so many ways to customize a console since there are different styles of tables. With decorative details, it is possible to create a personalized console decoration that adds style to any hall space in the house.

Create a Boho Chic console. Frame a large map, vintage in an aged wooden frame, and hang on the wall area behind the console. Place a vintage globe of high, medium and small on the right side of the table, as the elegant design of Boho often incorporates accessories from around the world. Complete the decoration of the corridor console with a lamp based on tall wood on the left side with a heavily carved base and, ethnic-inspired cloth screen in a drum style.

Accent the console with a design inspired by nature. Hang a series of six botanical-green prints framed on the wall of the console, with three in the bottom row and three in the top row. Set a large, green vase on the right side of the console table, and fill it with a real arrangement or imitation of flowers. Also, design with a medium-sized Tiffany-style lamp on the left side of the console with a small flower-shaped container in front to serve as a tailor for small items.

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