Console Table Height As A Light Accent

With Storage Counter Height Console Table

The console table height is 1.05 meters. The use of this console table will be an excellent solution for the design of the work area in all rooms. Because of its compact size, it will not take much space on the printer in such a console. But it will be convenient not only to store the office but also to work on the computer. If the space for organizing the workspace is lacking, be aware of the modern console corner tables or transform tables that fit evenly.

These furniture in the interior can be both invisible, and be an object concentration, owner of bizarre shapes and finishes. The console table dimensions in cm is often trimmed with marble and malachite, as well as gilding. In modern homes, a common method was to place a light console in the most advantageous location.

The design should not deviate from the style of the room, such as the baroque. On a neutral background, a light counter height console table with storage will become the main figure in the room. Do not forget the combination of color and surface of the product. To the table you usually put padded stools and the picture is complete. So, the end.

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