A Good Drawer Freezers In Kitchen

Drawer Freezers Kitchen

A good drawer freezers will do its job better if we make it easy for you. For example, if we know the conservation needs of each food, or take advantage of the space we have available, your freezer will work in optimal conditions and the food will be preserved much longer. It does not matter if you have the freezer of a combined refrigerator or a freezer of a door, with greater capacity. There are some tips that will be very useful for your food to stay perfect.

Do not put hot foods in the freezer: if you do, the freezer goes to work to prevent the temperature rise and spend more energy, increasing your electricity bill unnecessarily. Make sure that the temperature of your freezer is always between -18 ° and -20 ° C. If you need to store large quantities of food (more than 2 kg.) At a time, for example if you just made a weekly purchase or you are going to prepare something special at home, remember to select the “Super”

In any case, the drawer refrigerators are responsible for warning you with the optical and acoustic alarm when they detect that the temperature has increased. Get organized and plan well the purchase so that you do not accumulate too much food and end up wasting, as we explained in one of our articles.

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